Video Work Samples
Nashville Music City Center
Proud to direct, shoot, co-write and edit the new Nashville Music City Center promotional piece for their website and onsite digital signage uses.
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Video Work Samples
48 Hour Film Festival Group C Audience Choice Winner
Proud to DP, shoot, co-direct, co-write and co-edit this fun short film. We have 48 hours to do it all!
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Video Work Samples
Melitta Coffee Commercial
A fun web commercial that was concepted, produced,directed, shot and edited for Melitta all in house. A great crew and team of actors and actresses.
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Video Work Samples
Cliffhanger Music Video
Music video Directed and DP for Two Story Road. Unbelievable artists on the rise in Nashville music scene.
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Video Work Samples
PaperPro Documentary
This was a lifestyle shoot about a young lady who battled cancer. It's concept was to introduce a new stapler product inside of a documentary lifestyle video for web.
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Video Work Samples
Pray It Isn't So - Original Narrative Short
A psychological thriller short written, directed and edited by Matt Huesmann.
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Video Work Samples
Medical Testimonial
Drew Simms is a patient who fell thirteen feet through a ceiling in his house. Instead of surgery he was able to recover with the help of Results Physiotherapy. I was honored to Direct, DP and Edit this piece for Results.
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Video Work Samples
Slow Motion Food
I have been shooting food for magazines, national restaurant chains, regional franchises and more for many years. I love cooking and thus I love caoturing all the characteristics and personalities of food. Whether a large campaign or quick social media blitz, I am here to help.
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Video Work Samples
Self Defense Training
Keeping up with these top specially trained Navy Seals, Green Beret, Rangers and Delta Force is a whole lot of fun! I am in deep appreciation for their service to our country and how they are helping citizens protect themselves.
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Video Work Samples
In Studio Music Video
This was a great chance to approach a live jazz music video. The incredible all star talents of Charlie Peacock and friends. I used three manned cameras and 4 unmanned. It was all the room we had in this tiny studio, but I loved the decor and I put a big HMI through the window and some haze to create a daylight club feel.
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Video Work Samples
Big Issues, Little Voices - Mini Doc
A short documentary piece that is sharing the incredible job a children's theater in Nashville is doing to help kids confront the most challenging issues in todays culture. They are doing this through original scripts.
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About Matt Huesmann.

Wishes do come true! I am both thankful and fortunate that I have been able to “do my dream” my entire life. From a career as an award winning songwriter and music producer, to photographing major brands and sports, to video production from corporate to television and so on.
I love what I get to do…

I recently went back to school and earned my MFA degree in Film. I love to constantly learn to improve myself and the work I do for my clients.

Matt created several manufacturing equipment lines as training modules for us. He worked with manufacturing line employees, who were subject matter experts, but not polished talent. The final product is excellent! Much better than we ever expected. Matt is easy to communicate with and responsive to customer needs!

Laurie Morra

Training Schwann Cosmetics USA

Matt and his crew hired me to act in an infomercial spoof. From first contact to "that's a wrap," Matt and his colleagues treated me with respect and professionalism, all while having a lot of fun. I'd work with Matt again in a heartbeat!

Denny Brownlee

Voice and Screen Actor

When developing strategies to achieve success, it's always a smart move to work with the best in their field. Matt Huesmann is unquestionably one of THE best at what he does.

Gary Eaton

Marketing Strategist


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